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Long Yunsheng, a man from China, easily swallows several nails with a length of three to five centimetres. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:05

A huge sandstorm has swept through northwestern China causing over 100 fires, extensive damage and reduced visibility to zero in some states. . Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:03

US President Barack Obama has played soccer with a robot during a visit to a museum in Tokyo on a visit to Japan. Report by Jeremy Barnes.

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Duration: 01:32

New Yorkers now have the chance to sip a cat'achino as they cosy up with a kitty at the city's first cat cafe. . Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:07

North Korea propaganda has been filled with lots of Kim Jong-un, military parades and crying residents but reports suggests internal anger is growing. Report by Ashley Fudge.

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Duration: 04:07

Dramatic footage has emerged of children being rescued in the aftermath of an air strike on the town of Mleiha, Syria. . Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:25

A rehabilitation centre in St Petersburg has been rescuing baby seals suffering from climate change and pollution. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:17

Subscribe to ITN News: Find out all you need to know about upcoming open world action game Watch Dogs in this exclusive preview with brand new gameplay. Report by Grace...

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Duration: 02:10

Subscribe to ITN News: A video showing what it would look like if a city-destroying asteroid hit planet Earth has been released. And scarily, the chance of an asteroid...

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Duration: 01:13

Subscribe to ITN News: Say hello to a real life Spider-Man. Only this one is French and doesn't wear the suit. Alain Roberts climbed a 153-metre-tall hotel in Macau to...

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Duration: 01:34

Subscribe to ITN News: Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a pensioner was hit by a speeding train. The 77-year-old can be seen walking through a level crossing in...

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Duration: 01:01

Subscribe to ITN News: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed off their street credentials in Adelaide with both trying their hands at DJing on their tour of Australia....

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Duration: 01:27

Subscribe to ITN News: A female giant panda, who was released into the wild in China last year, is said to be adapting well and has even gained some weight. Researchers...

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Duration: 01:03

Subscribe to ITN News: The people of North Korea were treated on Monday to a special screening of rare childhood photos of their leader Kim Jong-un. The country's state-run...

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Duration: 01:05

Subscribe to ITN News: A promotional safety video has emerged, featuring the captain of the South Korean ferry that sank last week. The captain made the promotional video...

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Duration: 01:01
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