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A brave moggy, called Sally, has received hero status after it saved its owner from his burning home. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:07

Chibatman has been spotted in broad daylight cruising the streets of Chiba City on his three-wheeled Chibatpod to raise spirits with smiles. Report by Claire Mewse.

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Duration: 01:16

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead defends the actions by Hampshire Police to track down Ashya King's family and explains why they did what they did. He says the force acted based on information...

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Duration: 07:05

The sun produced a flurry of flares this week according to NASA, unleashing over half a dozen solar flares in one day alone. Report by Claire Mewse.

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Duration: 01:07

Subscribe here: Two people, including one child have died in an explosion that rocked a four-story building in a north-eastern suburb of Paris. Report by Jennifer Cordingley....

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Ex-New Zealand rugby players took part in a charity elephant polo match against Thailand's famous transgender ladyboy team 'Miss Tiffany'. Report by Simon Longden.

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Duration: 01:17

Imaginary thrashers from around the world gathered in Finland on Friday to compete in The Air Guitar World Championships. Report by Laurie Blake.

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More than 10000 people from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea attended the Pyongyang International Pro-Wrestling Games on Saturday. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Over 40 people left wounded when two suicide car bombers then Taliban gunmen attacked an office of the Afghan intelligence agency. Report by Louise Hulland.

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The Italian coastguard has released footage showing a join operation with a Maltese patrol boat to save 209 African migrants off the coast of Sicily. . Report by Simon Longden.

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The San Diego Zoo Safari Park's cute baby gorilla, Joanne, is learning to crawl and is making her own tracks. . Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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Duration: 01:27

Artist Nobumichi Asai has found a way to project and map expressions onto people's faces, effectively creating a visual facial mask. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:21

Google has revealed first prototype for Project Wing, a delivery drone which will rival Amazon's Prime Air. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Mexico City's largest ever enchilada has been made as the Mexican capital celebrates the prized local dish at the 2nd Enchilada Gastronomy Festival. Report by Claire Mewse.

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Duration: 01:14

A Galapagos tortoise who is around 100 years old prepares to move home from San Diego Zoo to Toledo Zoo in Ohio. Report by Claire Mewse.

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Duration: 01:34
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