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Subscribe here: France has launched an investigation into unidentified drones that have been spotted over seven of the country's nuclear plants. Report by Sarah Kerr....

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Duration: 01:06

Russia has successfully test-fired a Bulava ballistic missile from a nuclear-powered submarine. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:07

A report has shown that there are now twice as many billionaires since the financial crisis, but how do the super-rich manage to keep getting richer? Report by Simon Longden.

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Duration: 02:07

Allegations that Qatar has been complicit in the funding of ISIS have been refuted by the Gulf state, we investigate. . Report by Simon Longden.

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Duration: 02:22

Two young pandas declared a final victory over a breeder who tried to feed them medicine instead of bamboo. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:11

North Korean state media has released more images of Kim Jong-un inspecting a new restaurant for soldiers. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:07

Rare footage captures the moment a whale gave birth to her first offspring at Changsha Underwater World in central China. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:12

We caught up with the legend that is Michael Caine at the premiere of Interstellar in London. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 02:18

Feature video shows a woman walking through the streets of New York as she repeatedly gets verbally harassed by men. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:56

Mexican archaeologists have said a powder-glittered tunnel filled with ritual objects could lead to royal tombs in the ancient city of Teotihuacan. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:38

Subscribe here: Rom skatepark in London has become the first skatepark in Europe and only the second in the world to be given heritage status. Report by Sarah Kerr. Current...

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Duration: 01:06

Subscribe here: The extraordinary moment sham marriage is stopped mid-ceremony by undercover journalist for a Channel 5 documentary. Report by Sarah Kerr. Like our tunes?...

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Duration: 02:12

Subscribe here: Afghan authorities have seized and destroyed more than 20 tonnes of drugs including raw opium and hashish. Report by Sarah Kerr. Current affairs, amazing...

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Duration: 01:08

Subscribe here: A river of lava crossed onto a residential property on Tuesday in Hawaii, where it threatened to consume its first home. Report by Claire Lomas. Current...

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Duration: 01:08

Subscribe here: Nearly 40000 years old and in surprisingly good shape - a carcass of a woolly mammoth has gone on display in Moscow. Report by Claire Lomas. Current...

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Duration: 01:27
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