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Art fans flocked to the Picasso museum in Paris on Saturday as it opened its doors after a five year renovation. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:09

Super Mario creator and Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto is premiering his first ever film, Pikmin Short Movies, at the Tokyo Film Festival. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Duration: 01:54

The family of soldier Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was shot dead while guarding the country's war memorial in Ottawa thank Canadians for support. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:10

Google executive Alan Eustace has broken Felix Baumgartner's world record after jumping from space. Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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Duration: 01:24

The Secret Service has released photos of the dogs which helped to catch a man who had jumped over a fence at the White House. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:11

In order to protect their precious eggs against predators, Reticulated Glass Frogs in Costa Rica camouflage themselves to look like their offspring. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:47

CCTV footage has been released showing a man wielding a hatchet moments before he attacked and injured two police officers in New York. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:08

DJs kept thousands of Israelis and tourists dancing from sunset until sunrise at a rave at the Dead Sea on Thursday. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Japan's cabinet has approved a change in Japan's nightlife laws that will allow people to dance past midnight. Report by Lauren Hood.

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Duration: 01:43

The Duchess of Cambridge showed off a tiny baby bump as she attended her third official engagement in London. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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The pub, named after Vladimir Putin, has caused quite a stir in Russia. Report by Gabriella Darlington.

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Duration: 01:08

Two dwarf mongoose pups born at Chester Zoo have taken tiny steps into the outside world. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:05

Shocking CCTV footage showing a lone gunman storm Canada's parliament before he was shot dead has been released by authorities. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 02:29

Police in Wales released surveillance footage on Thursday showing a man, who claims to suffer from quadriplegia, driving a car and walking unaided. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Subscribe here: A beauty contest with a slightly different twist took place on Thursday, as around 10000 fish vied for the title of "Miss Goldfish". Report by Claire...

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Duration: 01:15
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