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Subscribe here: A plane has crashed off the coast of Taiwan, killing 47 people and injuring 11. The TranAsia accident happened as the pilot was making a second attempt...

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Duration: 01:11

Chester Zoo's 23ft python, named JF, has been given an ultrasound heart scan with the help of ten people. . Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:02

Subscribe here: The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise liner is towed away from the Italian island where it struck rocks and capsized two years ago, killing 32. Report...

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Duration: 01:29

Subscribe here: A dog has been resuscitated by medics after being found by fire-fighters as they were tackling a blaze in Chile. The fire is said to have broken out at...

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Duration: 01:04

More on MH17: Subscribe here: The first victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 are set to arrive back in the Netherlands from the crash...

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Duration: 01:28

A brawl broke out in Ukraine's parliament as ministers voted to approve a presidential decree to call up more military reserves. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Explosions could be seen and heard over Gaza City in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as Israel continued to launch airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:33

Every year the sleepy English village of Congham in Norfolk plays host to the World Snail Racing Championships. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Duration: 01:54

A little girl trapped underneath a table, after an airstrike in what was claimed to be Aleppo, was rescued by Syrian emergency service workers. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:15

A Taliban suicide bomber has detonated himself outside Kabul International Airport, killing three foreign advisers and an Afghan interpreter. Report by Claire Mewse.

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Duration: 01:08

A special look back at the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child, Prince George. . Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 03:42

Subscribe here: Israeli air strikes killed 30 Palestinians in Khan Younis and Rafah, after the bloodiest day of a nearly two-week military offensive. The barrage lead...

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Duration: 01:07

Palestinians take to the streets of Gaza and Hebron after Hamas's armed wing claims to have captured an Israeli soldier. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:09

A three-alarm fire ripped through an industrial complex in Ontario Canada, in the early hours of Saturday morning. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 60 seconds

A man in China has spent 70000 yuan creating his own life-sized replica of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's Batman films. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Duration: 01:01
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