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The remains of World War One soldiers killed almost a hundred years ago have finally been discovered by a group of archaeologists. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:23

Subscribe here: Samsung has unveiled a special section of seats on rails that will move up and down the sideline, following the action on the pitch. . Report by Simon...

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Duration: 01:03

Subscribe here: A giraffe suffered severe head trauma and later died in South Africa on Thursday, after its owner drove it underneath a bridge on a motorway. Report by...

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Duration: 60 seconds

Subscribe here: A gym in Washington DC has opened specifically for dogs, offering doggie treadmills and balance balls. Frolick Dogs, which calls itself a canine sports...

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Duration: 01:07

Subscribe here: UPDATE: 25 people killed, 267 injured At least 24 people have been killed and 271 injured in a series of massive underground gas blasts in Taiwan. The...

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Duration: 01:01

Subscribe here: The collapse of a three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza just hours after it was hailed as a potential breakthrough in the latest outbreak of violence...

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Duration: 01:22

Subscribe here: This video shows the moment isolated native people emerge from the Amazon rainforest and make contact with the outside world. In the video, released by...

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Duration: 01:15

Subscribe here: Video footage shows a violent explosion taking place on Wednesday, as three ambulances arrive at the scene of a first blast near Shejaia market in Gaza....

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Duration: 01:21

Subscribe here: A driver and his passenger had a lucky escape after their BMW smashes through the railings of a London tube station and plunged 10ft down into the subway...

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Duration: 01:06

Subscribe here: Israel has released footage reportedly showing Israeli soldiers in Gaza searching for weapons and tunnel entrances in the area of Shajaia. Report by Simon...

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Duration: 01:01

Subscribe here: Mexico City breaks a record for the longest sandwich ever prepared in Latin America - but falls a few loaves short of the world record. Local authorities...

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Duration: 01:08

Subscribe here: A mysterious crop circle has been spotted in a wheat field in upper Bavaria and has been attracting thousands of visitors. With a very ornate design printed...

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Subscribe here: Israeli strikes near a market in the eastern Gaza Strip killed 17 Palestinians on Wednesday, the local health ministry has said. Residents said that Israeli...

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Subscribe here: A huge fire has broken out at Eastbourne Pier after one of the arcade buildings caught alight at the popular seaside resort. At least 60 fire-fighters...

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Duration: 01:10

Subscribe here: A recent emergency relief flight from Dubai carrying supplies to help people in Gaza, also carried a special passenger. Report by Claire Lomas. Israel-Gaza...

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Duration: 01:34
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