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London filmmakers have created two short films telling the nativity story with a modern and creative twist. Watch the full films at Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:45

One unconventional barber shop in Tokyo is offering free but drastic makeover hair cuts for the festive season. . Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:09

A three-year-old boy in south China is being treated for severe burns after drinking sulphuric acid. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:06

The Empire State Building's world-famous tower was bathed in colourful Christmas lights. Report by Sarah Kerr.

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Duration: 01:06

An elderly man was rescued by emergency services after spending three days trapped in a dry well in east China's Jiangsu Province. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Duration: 01:06

For the homeowner and his family, the project of decorating the house starts in July and lasts until late December. Report by Gabriella Darlington.

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Duration: 01:28

A Swedish Christmas competition to build a gingerbread house with "room for all" attracted over 130 entries from all age groups on Saturday. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 01:42

A monkey saved the life of another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted in India's northern city of Kanpur on Saturday. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 01:09

More than fifty people have been arrested in Milwaukee, Wisconscin, after blocking a freeway as part of a protest against police violence. Report by Johnny Chiodini.

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Duration: 01:27

A cyclist miraculously cheated death after a 14-wheel truck bumped into him and he rolled down under the heavy duty vehicle in China. Report by Laurie Blake.

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Duration: 01:06

The World Pie Eating Championships were thrown into turmoil when it emerged that a work experience chef sent the wrong pies to the event. Ooops! Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 01:24

It wouldn't be a purr-fect holiday season without a new offering from the Jingle Cats. Well, they are back singing White Christmas. Report by Andrea Lilly.

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Duration: 01:06

From Santa covered in tattoos, Santa celebrating in Hawaii and a list of Christmas World Records, ODN reporters Sarah and Claire bring you our top Christmas videos from this year. Report by...

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Duration: 01:49

Around 200 Africans seeking to enter Europe made their way over the triple barrier that divides Spanish enclave Melilla from Morocco early on Friday. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:12

Kurdish peshmerga fighters have fought their way to Iraq's Sinjar mountain and freed hundreds of people trapped there by Islamic State fighters. Report by Claire Lomas.

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Duration: 01:24
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